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Qwizpad OMR (OMR Evaluation System)
OMR software features

QwizPad OMR software checks the Answer Sheets automatically as per the answer key and defined marking scheme, leaving no scope of error.

The evaluation process is very fast and is 100% accurate. The OMR Software is Integrated with Student Management System and Registration & Fees Module.

Optionally it can also be integrated with our Anti-Cheat Question generation technique.

The software is extremely User Friendly and Easy to Operate.

3-Step Easy Operation
Scan OMR Sheets
Scan the OMR Sheets with any suitable Scanner, preferably with ADF Scanner and store the images in a folder to check later at your convenience.
Define a Test
Enter the basic Details of the Test like Test Name, Test Date, Class etc, Choose the Pre designed Template; Define the Marking Scheme. The test can be of Multiple Answer Set.
Check the Image
Get the result
Check the scanned images by Qwizpad OMR software and get the results. The Reports and Graphs are generated in various flavours to serve the need of Student as well as the Instructor.
Types of Questions
QwizPad Software is fully competent to check all types of questions commonly used in Tests or Entrance Exams (IIT, AIEEE, PMT etc.)
Varied types of Questions that can be checked are:
OMR Question Types
  • Multiple Choice Question : Both Single & Multiple correct answers. Multiple sets of correct answers can be fed e.g A & C or A & B both are correct
  • Matrix Matching : One row can be matched with more than one option.
  • Numeric Type : The answers may be Integer or Decimal with both -ve and +ve values. Answers could be more than one Range of Values e.g 3.5 to 4.5 & -4.5 to 3.5
  • True or False : The options may be true or false.
  • Greater or Less than : The options are probable combination of more than one statements, out of which one is correct.
  • Les than Type Question
    Flexible Checking and Evaluation
  • Differential Marking allows to assign different marks for diverse types of questions. There is a provision for Negative marking as well.

  • Partial Marking allocates option wise marks to any selected section.

  • Bubbles may contain options as a,b,c,d,e or p,q,r,s,t or 1,2,3,4

  • Roll No can be Alpha Numeric also.

  • Question Nos. may be in continuation in all sections or Numbering may Restart in each section.

  • You may Cancel a Question or any of its Options or give Bonus Marks if required.

  • Recheck the Sheets if you Change the Answer of any question / option in minutes without scanning them again.
  • Sheets with printing errors can be rectified easily while checking and may not be filled again.

  • The Software can automatically de-skew the inclined OMR sheets. The Inverted scanned sheets images can be automatically rotated to make them straight.

  • Any erroneous or unacceptable sheets are skipped and mentioned precisely in separate log files. These can be EASILY EDITED and made acceptable.

  • Mistakes like Duplicate & Incorrect IDs, Incorrect Test Codes & Test Sets can be corrected through software; Thereafter sheets are transferred from error log to the checked list automatically.

  • The Software Intelligence highlights the Probable mistakes in Answers and alerts the Teacher to review them before Result declaration. This ensures the authenticity of the result.