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Why do you need QwizPad OMR Software?
QwizPad OMR is not just a SOFTWARE for checking tests but a POWERFUL EVALUATION TOOL. Its vast Analysis & Reporting helps the Institute to analyze the Strengths & Weaknesses of its students to produce better Results. QwizPad OMR is being widely used by Educational Institutes, Universities, Recruitment & Survey Agencies. QwizPad offers a complete IT Solution for any institute ; taking care of its Attendance, IDCards, Fees, Test Evaluation & Reporting. Though late entrants in this field, our commitment to customize the evaluation requirement of our clients has been the reason for us to be abreast of all in terms of Flexibility and uniqueness of Features.
Cost Cutting
The low cost QwizPad OMR along with Image Scanner are an excellent alternative to the expensive and imported Hardware based OMR Reader. Starting from Rs. 2,50,000 onwards the hardware based OMR Readers are not only costly but also need maintenance and service for which the user has to rely on the supplier. QwizPad OMR software requires a flatbed scanner or ADF scanner readily available in Indian market. A combo of Software and a reasonably fast Scanner costs about 1/4th the price of an hardware based OMR Reader.
Constant Upgradation
OMR Reader Machines are Hardware Based & very difficult to upgrade as per the constantly changing trend of entrance Exams like IIT JEE. Qwizpad software is costantly & easily upgraded as per the current trend of exam and need of the Coaching and Education industry unlike many other software solutions.
Customized Solution
We provide customized software/hardware solution to our clients. Qwizpad OMR can be modified to accommodate the customer's particular preferences and expectations. This is done quickly and with top-notch quality designed to meet every client's needs.