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Advantages of QwizPad OMR Software over other OMR softwares
Other OMR Software Qwizpad OMR Software
OMR sheets Checking Most OMR software check OMR sheets either Pre printed by the supplier or Designed by their software. We check OMR sheets designed by our software or through any designing tool
Template Creation Template Creation is mostly tedious. Our Template creation for checking is only one time process. It is fairly easy and is done by simple selection of Different Areas. We provide free Template creation for our users.
Ease of OMR Sheet Designing In most software Sheet Design is complicated as the bubbles are to be aligned with Time Tracks. No alignment of Bubbles with Time Tracks is required making sheet designing very simple.
Flexibility of OMR Designing Many OMR software have limitations in terms of No of Sections & Questions to be used. The OMR sheets designed through some OMR Software don’t have the flexibility to make changes other than the Company Name & logo There is complete flexibility to Print any No. of sections and desired Types & No. of questions that fit into the selected paper size.
Scanning Technique Use of Color Drop Out Technique by many Software Venders at the time of scanning compels user to buy expensive Scanners. Color Drop through scanner is not used by QwizPad OMR software so any Image Scanner i.e ADF or Flat belt may be used
Auto Tick Mark OMR Sheet No OMR software marks the OMR sheets in a way that is exactly like physical correction of the sheets. Tick / Cross are marked on correct / Incorrect options chosen by students. This Unique feature is found highly useful by our each & every user
Anti Cheat Question Paper Generator No OMR Software has this unique Generator to facilitate jumbling of questions and produce different Question Paper sets Multiple Question Paper Sets generated through QwizPad Generator reduces the menace of cheating drastically.
Intelligent No Software can highlight the mistakes in Answer Keys. The only intelligent QwizPad software highlights the Probable mistakes in Answers and alerts the Teacher to review them ensuring authenticity of the result.
Test Analytics Test reports are generally Simple. Difficulty Level Graded Test Reports are extremely helpful to the students.