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OMR Sheet Printing
About OMR Sheet
OMR Sheet /Form is a printout with a collection of Bubbles which may
be either oval or circular in shape. These bubbles are sensor marks which are to be filled
by the candidates. The Black Marks are filled in the bubbles by using Blue / Black ball pen or HB pencil and are recorded for information.

OMR sheets provide the fastest and the most accurate mode to capture and input the data.
OMR sheet is printed either in Black Colour or drop out colors like magenta, orange, green, blue. Magenta color is most preferred. If Timing Tracks /Aligners are used, they should be jet dark black without any spots. These tracks may be used on single/ both side of sheet depending upon the algorithm being used.
OMR Sheets
OMR Sheet Designing
In QwizPad OMR Software, Sheets & Forms are fully customizable.
We also design new OMR sheets as per the user's requirement.

  • Users may create their own OMR Sheets using any word
    processor like MS-Word or Designing software like CorelDraw.

  • Our OMR sheets are simpler to design as no alignment
    of Bubbles with Timing Tracks is required.

  • OMR sheets do not need to be as exact in alignment as
    OMR Reader Forms.

  • A large no. of Samples OMR Sheets are available along with
    our software.

  • Different sections i.e MCQ, Matrix Match, Numerical,
    True False for different types of questions may be made on
    the OMR Sheets.

  • Bar- code or numbering may be used optionally on the
    Omr sheets and read through Software.

  • Student's Photograph and Signatures can be included in the sheet.

  • For Registration, Omr Sheet includes personal information of candidates like Name, Fathers Name, Date of birth, Roll number, Mobile number, Email Address, Religion, Address & other information to be filled by the candidate.
    In Exam Answer sheet, in addition to the above information, Questions Numbers with multiple options are given.
    For Survey, the OMR sheet is designed with the questionnaire set on it.
    OMR Sheet Printing
    OMR Sheet Printing must be done very carefully on white paper. If OMR Sheets are not printed properly then it can affect the accuracy of the result.

  • Printing OMR Sheets for QwizPad OMR Software is very economical.

  • Our OMR Software does not necessarily need two-color OMR Sheet; only single black color printed OMR sheets may also be used. If double colour sheets are to be printed then ‘Computer to Plate’ technology should be used by the printer. OMR Sheets can be Offset / Laser Printed at your end.

  • Photocopies of OMR Sheet can also be used provided the quality of photocopy is good.

  • The sheets may be of any size A4, Half A4, Legal size or any other size subject to the limitation of the scanner being used.

  • The thickness of the paper used is a personal choice of the user. Even the Normal photocopier paper of 70 GSM may be used for OMR sheet printing.

  • Provision to rectify the misprints in the printed OMR sheets through QwizPad software reduces the Sheet rejection rate to almost zero.
  • There is no compulsion of buying OMR Sheets from us but we do provide printed OMR sheets on demand of our users.