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Student Registration Fees and Payment ID Card Printing Attendance Recording System
This Software maintains complete Database of the students, right from the beginning. It has the facilty to Register Students, Keep Fees and Payments Records, Mark Attendance, Generate Admit Cards, I-Cards and also the Progress Report.
Registration & Fees Management Module
The new students can be registered in the institute through this software.
  • Manual Registration : The student details can be manually added/ edited. The Registration Software is extremely user friendly and has all the features required for New Registration and maintaining Student Records.
  • Through OMR Sheets: OMR Registration forms are used for admission purpose. Students fill their details on OMR Sheets. The sheets are scanned and the Registration software extracts all the student data and stores in the computer. Student Registration through OMR sheets automates the Registration process making it fast.

  • Maintains complete Database of the students like their Name, D.O.B, Parents Name, Address DOB and Contact Numbers etc.
  • Save Photographs of Student from file or from Webcam.
  • Generates Excel file to enable the institute to send messages.
  • Makes Admit Card for all students for any Test/Exam e.g. Admission Test.
  • Generates Student's ID Card with Institute's logo.
  • Allocates Roll nos. to students as per the allocated series. The Roll Nos. can be allotted Class wise, Section wise, Category wise, Gender wise or a combination of these.
  • Can import the Student Database from any Excel file or from already present Database.
  • Tags image of Student Registration Form along with his record to be viewed later.
  • Allows Fees transactions & record keeping, Tracking Dues, generating Periodic Fees Collection Reports in different formats.

  • Student Management Module
    The Student Management Module facilitates you to take attendance of students by scanning the barcoded ID Cards through Barcode Reader. Absentees can be reported through sending SMS.

    Separate Present and Absent Records in different classes are maintained. Various reports are easily generated under concise or detail categories such as Individual Student's Attendance Report, Class & Section wise Attendance reports, Monthly/ Periodic Attendance Reports.

    The SMS software keeps a complete track record of the Student's Performance & can generate 3D Graph & Charting of Student Progress. The Progress Report or the Growth Report can be printed or uploaded on the website.