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Qwizpad Analytics - The detailed graphical reports give a complete insight into the weak areas of each student.
QwizPad OMR Software puts a tick mark on the correct answers and across on the incorrect ones of each OMR sheet. The Tick cross Marked sheet is printed on the back of the actual OMR Sheet of each student. This is a unique and a very useful report of Qwizpad OMR Solution.
Tick Marked Sheet generated after OMR Test
  • Rank Report : Combined Rank Report shows Subject wise Marks, Ranks, %age & Percentile of students in Each Paper of a Test. The reports may be printed ID wise or Rank wise or in Alphabetical order.

  • Student Report : Student gets a Tick-Cross marked report with the answers duly marked correct or incorrect. They get Section Wise marks for MCQ, Numeric, Matrix and True False section along with their respective negative marks for all subjects.

  • Difficulty Level Graded Report : Based on Class Response, the test questions are graded from Easy to Difficult in student Report. The response of each question of a student is shown w.r.t the whole class response.

  • Class Response : It shows the Response of all the students for each question in a Matrix form. The Incorrect answers of all students are highlighted showing the level of understanding of each question by the class just in one glimpse.

  • Student Filter : Filter and Print the list of Students who have given Incorrect Response / Particular Response to any selected question in a test.

  • Institute Statistics : List out the Institute's over all Toppers in desired Order and Count.

  • Fequency Distribution Report shows the Varied Responses of each Question of a test along with its Frequency. The pattern of attempt of the class aids the teacher to analyze the grasp of the class on a particular topic.
    Summary report for instructor- Teacher's Report
    Progress Report showing Growth Chart helps to monitor the progress of the student over a period of time. It is a cumulative Report of a student showing his score, %age, Percentile & the highest score in all the class tests.
    progress report in omr software
  • SMS Integration : Integration with SMS Gateway allows to circulated through SMS.
  • Email Integration : Result can be sent through email.
  • Web Integration : Test Reports can be uploaded on website.
  • Export\Print : Facility to Export and Print the Reports.
  • Manual Checking Integration : Manually checked tests can also be integrated with QwizPad OMR results.