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Qwizpad OMR with Latest CBSE, NEET and JEE-Adv Pattern
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cbse omr sheet

OMR Checking Software

  • High Speed and 100% Accuracy.
  • Checks OMR Sheet of unlimited designs.
  • Any kind of Paper can be used for OMR (Laser/Photostat).
  • Compatible with all Document Image Scanners.
  • Integrated with Student Management System and Anti-Cheat Question Set Generator.
  • Admission Forms processing and data extraction with photographs.
  • More...

Important Fact of new CBSE Pattern OMR Evaluation

Each paper offers extra questions. As an example: A question paper with two sections, A and B, each carrying 30 questions, with 20 to be attempted from each. Say, a student attempts 20 questions from Section A (and gets 18 right) and 24 from Section B. How will she be evaluated?

The new marking scheme says that only the first 20 answers from Section B will be considered and the last 4 ignored. Say, the student gets 15 of the first 20 answers right. She will be credited with 18+15 or 33 correct answers in that paper. So, if some of the answers the student was most confident about — and presumably the likeliest to get right — came after the first 20 she attempted in Section B, she would be likely to lose out.

“This is a clear-cut message that students should attempt those questions they are most confident about. They should not attempt more than the required number of questions,” a schoolteacher said. “If the student uses the option of un-attempted questions, then only her responses after question No. 20 will be evaluated.”

Question Set Generator

OMR Checking Software
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